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Accidents happen. Data loss can be prevented.

Computers contain most of our most important personal information. Losing this data is for most people a devastating experience.

Items such as digital photos, videos, and music files are just a few examples of electronic artifacts that would cause at least some emotional distress if they were suddenly to disappear.

Their loss may result in users needing to recover deleted files on Mac. In some cases, there may be financial incentives to retain data, and their accidental deletion or loss can lead to unnecessary expenses in trying to recreate the lost files.

Many files like pictures, accounting data, manuscripts etc. cannot be recreated, meaning that the only solution will be to attempt to recover the data from the drive.

Often the data has become inaccessible because of the iMac or MacBook hardware failure of liquid or physical damage.

Data Rescue

Computers contain most of our most important personal information. Losing this data is for most people a devastating experience.

Back Up Strategy

We secure your data in a remote backup environment to safeguard your assets and prevent a potential data loss catastrophe.

Mac Specialists

Data rescue on Apple computers requires a specialized skill set which most PC trained computer techs do not have. We are Santa Barbara’s #1 Apple Consultants.

Often we can remove the drive from your Mac and rescue the data without the need for a costly drive recovery service.

Accidents happen, hardware fails.

Data loss can be prevented!

Talk to us about a backup strategy that suits your needs by calling 805-633-4548
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  • Maria R. Avatar
    Maria R.
    5 star rating

    Rogier made the painful process of getting your computer fixed and absolute breeze. Courteous, prompt and trustworthy, I'm so glad I found him as someone to rely on, since I run my own business and have no IT support. And he flexibly worked around my schedule - remotely so there was no inconvenience for me. Highly recommend him!

  • Hawee B. Avatar
    Hawee B.
    5 star rating

    I read the reviews on Mac Expert and was comforted with the reviews. I decided to call and I was hoping to talk to Roger and I did! I explained to Roger what I needed and to tell you the truth, it was like calling your brother. Lol! He has so much knowledge in Macs! I didn't get my laptop fixed but got great advice from him. I can say he didn't just want to make money off of me. He wanted to help me, and he did. My laptop is super old and it didn't make sense to invest in getting it fixed. He had a better solution and I'm happy with his recommendation. I recommend Roger at Mac Expert! Thank you Roger!

  • Candice C. Avatar
    Candice C.
    5 star rating

    Rogier is simply the BEST IT guy around. He used to work at Apple and is extremely passionate about all their products and very up to date on the latest trends in technology. He simplifies everything and talks to you in a friendly, non-"techy" way that makes it fun. Rogier saved my life's work on my personal computer and all my photos, and saved me over $2k in using an expensive data recovery service. Rogier was also the IT guy for my previous company, that's how I know him. Quick, reliable and awesome! He literally is a MAC EXPERT, so the name is very fitting. Although he not only does that but has extensive knowledge on PCs, servers, networking, cyber security, work flow productivity and more. Once you use his services, you won't use anyone else- I promise!